Vocal and breathing physiotherapy provides peace of mind for performers and crew.

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Breathing (respiratory) physiotherapy provides performers and presenters with a strong clear voice for live performance as well as ongoing management of breathlessness, hyperventilation and performance anxiety, across cast and crew.

Respiratory physiotherapy can offer:

Relief and treatment from acute chest infections or asthma, ensuring individuals are capable and confident of performing at their very best level in a pressurised environment. this is achieved through a combination of specific and individualised exercises and techniques.

Identification of the key causes such as chest infections, acute or chronic asthma, excess mucous production or 'wet voice', poor fitness, hyperventilation or established breathing pattern disorders; or recovery from illnesses including Covid and Long Covid.

Utilised recently on: Wicked parts 1 & 2. Disneys Snow White live action. Heart of Stone. Credits. 

Also available as part of our 'Heals on Wheels' service to YOUR studio or location.

"The expertise and advice provided by the physiotherapist was invaluable. My symptoms reduced but so did my anxiety, which we discovered was contributing to the maintaining of the symptoms in the first place. A massive thank you."



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