Our physiotherapy promotes optimal physical health, supports recovery and prevents future physical issues across a production.

People can get injured. In such an event our physiotherapy support plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation. We provide manual therapy, specific exercise prescription, therapeutic modalities including Shockwave Therapy and Ultrasound; promoting healing, restoring function and regaining strength.

Performance enhancement. We have worked with performers in various roles, from cast to stunts to dance to supporting artists as well as with crew at all levels. Through thorough screening we address existing imbalances and movement dysfunctions, helping individuals in the film industry achieve better physical performance, endurance and overall fitness. This can contribute to improved screen presence and performance in physically demanding roles.

Utilised recently on: Wicked parts 1 & 2. Disneys Snow White live action. Heart of Stone. Credits. 

Also available as part of our 'Heals on Wheels' service to YOUR studio or location.


"Having the Film Physios on site at Pinewood has been perfect. I have been able to keep up with a very specific physio plan that still enabled me to conduct my day to day role. The Film Physios fully understand the nature of the industry and work around you so that your work and their treatment plans aren’t affected. This I haven’t experienced with other physiotherapist’s."

Craig Etherton

Senior Manager, Lucasfilm

The Film Physios

On the lot clinics. On set. On location. On call.