Our health concierge service offers a personalised, convenient and comprehensive healthcare solution to all industry individuals with demanding schedules and constant travel. Our concierge service is available 24 hours a day for hotel, home and emergency visits.

0800 612 7814 or 07884247373

Post flight treatment visits. We often visit performers and production post flight arrival to assist in combatting jet lag and long haul. We also prep for a long flight ahead.

A personalised healthcare professional. One of our team will be assigned and work closely with the client to identify and deliver physical health goals.

Convenient access. Our health concierge service arranges appointments, coordinates with production and is available 24/7 resulting in minor disruption to schedules and work commitments.

Comprehensive. Our health concierge service offers preventative, recovery and wellness solutions. We can also facilitate specialist referrals, management of chronic conditions and coordinate ongoing treatment.

Utilised recently on: Wicked parts 1 & 2. Heart of Stone. Bridgerton. Credit list.

Also available as part of our 'Heals on Wheels' service to YOUR studio or location.

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The Film Physios

On the lot clinics. On set. On location. On call.